Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Weathering the COVID-19 Storm

We wondered what our campers have been doing during the pandemic, so we asked a few of them for an update.  Included below are comments from four campers:  Nick Rimalovski; Brady Johnson; Gabe and Russell Aitken.

Nicolas “Nick” Rimalovski will be 16 in May, and he is a sophomore at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York City.  His school is in Queens, but he is a life-long resident of Brooklyn.  His first year at WLC was 2017, and he will be back for his 4th year in the summer of 2021.  He recently completed his LIT essay.

Nick has been attending classes remotely since March of 2020, and he is okay with online learning.  He is pleased to report that the New York Regents Exams will be canceled in January due to COVID, and the decision on the spring and summer exams is TBD.  He played on a travel baseball team last fall, and he plans to play baseball this spring.  He has been bicycling all over New York City with friends.  Family activities include a two-week vacation on the Maine coast last summer. 

Nick’s favorite activities at WLC are the hiking and canoe trips.  He also likes baseball and tennis.  The things that he missed when Camp was closed are daily ping pong, the apples at Free Swim, spending time away from home with people his own age, and the view from the Knoll.  He is excited about returning to Camp in 2021.  His brother Xandy will be returning, too!


Brady Johnson is 12, and he is a 7th grader at the Hingham Middle School in Hingham, MA.  His first year at WLC was 2019, and he will be back for his second year in the summer of 2021.  Brady has been attending classes on a hybrid basis.  On Monday and Tuesday, he is in the actual classroom, and Wednesday through Friday he participates via Zoom.  He does almost all of his homework assignments using Google Classroom.  Last fall, Brady played football on a “7 on 7” basis with no contact, and he is playing hockey this winter.  Despite COVID, he has made a lot of new friends on his sports teams.

Brady reports that family activities have been limited due to the pandemic, but they like to watch family movies and play Mexican Train Dominoes together.  He and his dad have been hooked on multiple seasons of particular shows such as The Mandalorian.  Brady also plays video games with his friends.  One of his favorite games is Oculus Quest, a virtual reality product.  The new member of the Johnson family is an Australian Labradoodle named Murphy, and she takes family members on walks frequently.

Brady has several favorite activities at WLC, including riflery, archery, and woodworking.  He is very enthusiastic about tubing, even though Meg the snapping turtle is a bit of a hazard!  When Camp was closed last summer, Brady missed being outside and learning new things about nature.  He appreciates the fact that Camp gets people away from technology and their phones.  Brady also missed his buddies on the Knoll.  He is looking forward to the summer of 2021, and he thinks that his brother will be attending WLC, too!


The Aitken brothers provided an update on their activities during the pandemic.  Gabe recently turned 12, and he is in the 6th grade; Russell is 9, and he is in the 4th grade.  They live in Mountain Lakes, NJ.  The first year at WLC for both of them was 2019. 

Gabe’s school schedule is a hybrid arrangement.  During the mornings, he is either in the actual classroom or he is on Zoom, depending on the day and week.  In the afternoons, he is on Zoom.  He plays baseball and lacrosse, and he likes to snowboard, especially at the Mountain Creek Resort in NJ.  His hobbies include bicycling, video games, trampolining, and listening to music.  He has an app on his phone on which he can record music.  His favorite activities at WLC are fishing, sailing, riflery, ping pong, carnival night, and BROG.  

Russell is in school in-person every day until 12:45 PM, and he uses Google Meet to participate remotely in the afternoons.  He enjoys basketball, golf, and baseball, and he likes to ski at Mountain Creek.  Other hobbies include bicycling, skateboarding, and video games.  Family pets include a dog, a cat, 6 fish, and 3 snails.  At WLC, Russell likes riflery, archery, kayaking, canoeing, carnival night, and BROG.  

Aitken family vacations last year included trips to North Carolina and Vermont.  When asked what they missed most about Camp last summer, Gabe said that he missed the food, and Russell said that he missed the people!  Both boys are looking forward to attending Camp in the summer of 2021!


We sincerely hope that you and your families have succeeded in weathering the COVID-19 storm, and we wish you good health, good cheer, and good luck in 2021!

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

As the 2020 Holiday Season approaches, consider giving an experiential gift to your children this year. The pandemic has turned our whole world upside down and brought challenges too numerous to count. Every day is spent in a virtual world on Zoom, digital work, digital school, even digital birthday parties. Although we have become amazingly efficient and comfortable in our digital universe, we have also learned to appreciate our natural surroundings even more. Our outdoor environment has given us the ability to practice social distancing while spending time with friends and family. The constant stress of being plugged-in seems to evaporate in the serenity of a babbling brook or a mountaintop view.

So when it comes to presents beneath the tree this holiday, think about a William Lawrence Camp summer for the young men in your family. Just like adults, our children will need a "break" from their virtual world. A few weeks without computers, mobile phones, and video screens combined with spectacular Lake Winnipesaukee sunsets and starlit night skies will do unmeasurable good. Scrambling up mountain ledges with their best buddy, paddling through wind-driven swells on Squam Lake, or building a campfire for the first time at Perch Point on Lower Beech Pond will provide a lifetime of memories. Your children will return home refreshed, more confident, and independent. A William Lawrence Camp summer may be the most significant and timely gift a parent could give a son in 2020. Remind your camper to light their William Lawrence candle this holiday; his wish of another summer on the "Knoll" may just come true.

Written by a Former WLC Parent and Board Member

Monday, November 30, 2020

A Lesson in Charitable Giving

Hello Campers and Parents!
  All of you can help us reach the FLWS campaign goal of $250,000.  Note that two of our campers are learning about charitable giving with the help of their parents.  Alejandro and Erik Rojas Pratt contribute a portion of their allowances to worthy organizations.  They are aware of FLWS, and each of them is donating to the campaign.  Their parents, Maija and Pepe, are matching each boy’s contribution, and then Maija, who works at State Street, will request a corporate matching gift for the entire amount.  What a great idea!

The Rojas Pratt Family lives in Cambridge, MA, and they learned about William Lawrence Camp from alumnus Chris Summersgill and his son Clemens.  They have assisted Chris in recruiting campers to WLC over the past few years.  Alejandro (known as Ale) is in the 8th grade.  He is 13 years old and will be a first year Senior in Summer 2021.  Erik is in the 5th grade.  He is 11 years old and will be in his last year as a Junior in Summer 2021.  Both boys attend a bilingual school in Cambridge, and they are currently taking classes remotely, due to COVID-19.  They both enjoy sports, especially soccer, baseball, basketball, and football.  Erik plays the piano, and Ale plays the trumpet and likes to create music on his computer.  In their spare time, they like to play video games, and Erik says he’s done a lot of reading when he has been quarantined.

When asked about Camp experiences, Ale said he misses his campmates, and he wonders about his Bill Larry Boy status.  Good news for Ale:  Since he was enrolled for last summer (which would have been his fifth year), he will be a Bill Larry Boy when he returns to the Knoll next summer!  Erik said he really likes Wilderness Skills, and he misses the conversations in the cabin at night after Taps.  Both boys said that they enjoy singing the national anthems in the Dining Hall.  They have roots in Mexico, England, and the USA, so they sing all three anthems, but they don’t have a favorite!

Thank you to the Rojas Pratt Family for their donation to WLC and for demonstrating how to teach philanthropy at home.  And thank you for securing a corporate matching gift!

P.S. to the recent college grads out there:  If an 8th grader and a 5th grader can donate to the FLWS campaign, you can, too!  Remember that participation is important.  Every dollar counts!

Written by Board of Trustee Member and Alumni Camper Parent, Lucy Hancock

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Overnight Summer Camp is a Win-Win Situation for Families

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. From the day they are born, we spend countless hours considering the right foods, activities, schools, books, and even friends to help them grow into confident, compassionate adults. We want to keep them close and protect them, but sometimes what is best for our children is to let them go.

Let them go to a place of new adventures, new responsibilities, new friends from all over the world and a new-found opportunity to take risks and get to know themselves better. Where could such a place exist, you ask? Why summer camp, of course.

Summer camp is more than just campfires and s’mores. Summer camps strive to provide their campers with a community where they are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and take healthy risks. For some boys, that risk might be making new friends. In the Boston Globe Magazine (2/22/2019) article entitled “At Summer Camp, Friendships Blossom Without Technology”, author Meaghan O’Neill says, “Camp is a controlled but fun environment purpose-built for making friends.” Given the communal nature of overnight camp, boys learn quickly how to live with each other, cope with different personalities, and discover what qualities they value in a friend. They hone their interpersonal skills without even realizing what an “interpersonal skill” is. O’Neill continues, “Friends from school or the neighborhood are known quantities. At summer camp, whether day or overnight, kids are freer to bond without parental intervention. And that’s good for their development.”

For other perhaps more seasoned campers, that risk might be challenging themselves to master a new skill or experiment with activities they have never tried before. William Lawrence’s Honor Society program challenges campers to master and complete 18 skills ranging from building and successfully lighting a fire in front of the whole camp (nerve-wracking) to spending a night alone in the woods after felling a tree, building a fire, and setting up camp for the night (even more nerve-wracking).

Have you ever played Australian rugby, shot an arrow through the bull’s eye, sailed a boat on your own across a pristine lake, used woodworking power tools, reached the top of the climbing tower or learned to slalom waterski? These are just a few of the activities to explore, be challenged by and eventually feel a sense of accomplishment whether the skills were mastered or not. Sometimes just trying something new gives a boost of confidence and willingness to try again.

At summer’s end, campers return home transformed into more independent, compassionate, confident and helpful young men (they have to clean their cabins and sort their own laundry!) ready to put their newly-discovered abilities to work for the rest of the year.

A strong, independent, confident, compassionate child. Now that is a win-win situation for any family.

Written by Board of Trustee Member and Camp parent, Seana Crellin

Monday, September 21, 2020

For Lawrence We Stand Donor List

Thank you to all our donors! Every dollar helps us reach our goal

Updated November 23, 2020

Nicole Ackerman

James Aitken

Andre Amazeen

Ryan Anastasio

Rachel Anastasio

Sam Anastasio

Chuck Avery

Gail Avery

John Avery

Patricia Baker

Alicia Baker

David Barone

Bruce Barton

Virginia Bauer

Julie Bayle-Cordier

Charlie Beeman

David Behler

Nick Berents

Jon Berman

Cara and William Beston

Jerry Bird

KO Bisson

Vicki Boone

Chris Borgia

Meredith and Roger Boshes

Derek Brain

Paul Briggs

Vivian Brocard

Derek Brown

Leslie Brown

Richard Brown

George Brown

Susan Brown

Nathaniel Brown

Gray Brown

Anne & Jim Bullitt

Phyllis Burke

Jennifer Calabro

Geoffrey Calver

Alex Camerino

David Cancian

Rob Capone

Jamie Cardiddi

Lawrence Carle

Jeannine and Victor Caruso

Joe Caruso

Peter Case

Dennis Ceru

Steven and Julie Charrette

Christine Cheffers

Dehan Chen

John Paul Chuck

Deborah Clauson

Rebecca Cleary

Esther Cleary

David Cleary

Peter Cleary

Thomas Cleary

Charles Cleary

Caroline Closuit

Stuart Cobb

Nicholas Collins

Andrew Cook

George Cooke

David Cooney

Mackenzie Copley

Mick Correll

Chris Couch

William Coutts

Nathaniel Crane

Jon and Seana Crellin

John Cronin

Mary Ellen Crowley

Arthur Curtis

Edward D'Alelio

Anthony Dalessio

Erika Damon

Jessica Dawson

Yann Deguel Serres

Dell Technologies

Elisabeth Demarco

Daniel Dicamillo

Tom Diehl

Louis Doig

Karen Dow

Rani Doyle

Laurie and Greg Dubel

Jonathan Engram

Carl Erickson

Kristell Erout

Peter Evans P.G.


Rachel Falconer

Sonia Faucher

Mark Fidler

Ross Fidler

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Barbara Flaws Ivos

Jim Fontaine

Hugh and Diane Fredrick

Jonathan Friedman

Peter Froelicher

E. Paul Gallagher

Scott and Stephanie Gilbert

Holly Goldman

Thomas Gorman

Eben Graves

Annie Gray

Paul and Joanne Guzzi

Marko Habjan

Kevin and Marcia Haigis

Lucy Hancock

Jonathan Handy

Karen Hansen

Alan Harding

David Hartwell

Robert Haskins

Sean Haughey

Daniel Hayllor

David Heckel

Diane Heidelberger

Dave Helgeson

Pamela Helleren

Erik Helleren

Paul Hendrickson

Robert Hendrickson

Richard Hersee

Margaret Anne Heuss

George Hill

Jackson Hillner

Susannah Hoch

Jacob Hoffman

Lexi Hoffman

Stephanie Hohenstein

Tucker Holland

David Horton

Prescott Huidekoper

Neil Hulbert

Mark Hyde

Ryan Hyde

Christopher Hyde

Andrew Iappini

Ken Johnson

David Johst

Rachel Jones

Nancy K Jones

Daniel Jordan

Boris Kalinichenko & Alena Zalutskaya

Eelco Kaper

Rebecca Keane

Michael & Madge Kellick

Nathan Kellogg

Douglas Kelly

Sergio Kiehl

Karen Kim

Frank King

Eric and Cynthia Kirchhoff

Elizabeth Kirk

Janet Korts

Frantisek Kral

Thomas Lane

David Lange

Kathleen Larkin

Casey Larkins

Elizabeth Larson

Bill Laskin

Jason Ledbetter

Jon Letowt

George Lewis

Jonathan Lilienfeld

Stephanie Littell

Jan & Hélène Löning

Howard Lubinger

Jon Lynch

Ian Macfarlane

Robert Anthony Mackie

Laura Macs

Bruce Marston

Bill & Jen McCabe

Dean McDowell

Daniel McGee

Sam McGrath

Geoffrey Mcintosh

Tessa McKenzie Greer

Cameron McLean

Kyra Mercer

Brendan Miller

Adam Muhith

Tom Myers

Dan Naparstek

Marilyn Natsch

Meredith Natsch

Michael Natsch

Shaun Needham

Liam Neish

Emily Nelson

Daniel Neske

Greg and Sarah Noble

Gordon Noble

Jim Noble

Donald Obrien

Andrew O'Connor

Krista Olson and Thomas Middleton

Kevin O'Neill

John Orshak

Chris Ott

Kate Oxtoby

Kyle Page

Christina Passaretti

Sharon Paul

Dylan Paul

Harold Peebles

Edward Perkins

Barbara Perkins

Julie Perlman

Connor Peters

Colter Peterson

Susan Peyton

Geoffrey Peyton

Rhonda Pirvulescu

Bob & Jean Poole

Robert Potterton

Edward and Amy Purdy

Jin Purdy

Patrick Rae

Ganesh Rao

Kate Renney

Marsha Rich

Faye Rimalovski

Winslow A. "Peter" Robbins

Betsy Roguet

Maija and Jose Rojas-Pratt

Robert Roog

Carolyn Rose

Arlene Rozzelle

Elizabeth Rubin

John Rudberg

Glenn Rudberg

Scott Rudberg

Richard and Abigail Russell

Arlene Ruzzelle

Kate Guggenheim Samir Muhith

Deirdre Scali

Keith Schnaars

Kurt Schnaars

Daniel Seaman

Ruarri Serpa

Pam and Chris Sharpe

Jacob Silverman

Kenny Simpson

Henrik Smedberg

Chris Smith

Johan Soderman

Ben Starr

Nina and Gilbert Stephan

Anne Stevenson

Jeffrey Stump

Suzanna Stump

Zhen Su

Chris Summersgill

Jennifer Supple

Jared Supple

William Supple

Stanislav Svaricek

Rob Swan

John Swanson

David Swanson

George Taffet

Glen and Barbara Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Nancy Teeven

Steve Tingle

Marcel Trik

Peter Van Emburgh

Jane Venti

Robert Walker

Caroline and Martin Walsh

Diane Walton

Lee Webster

Ben Weeks

Steve Weeks

Patricia Wesolowski

Matt White

Sarah White

Rainer Wichman

Ann Wicks

Dan Williams

Laura Winner

Thomas Winner

Dave (Tea Time) Wise

David Witherspoon

Wayne Wright

Willard Yankus

Elizabeth Young

M Kent Zambelli

William Zettek

Paul Zimmerman

Robert Zins

Benevity Inc

The Biber Foundation

The Blackbaud Giving Fund

The Copper Beech Foundation

Fidelity Charitable

IMK, Inc.

Network for Good

Schwab Charitable

Vanguard Charitable

Women's Club of High Point Delray Beach Section 1

Thursday, May 7, 2020

In The Words of 2019 LIT, Griffin Wilson: Moving Through the Years

In my years here at William Lawrence Camp, I have had the joy of experiencing just about everything. When I first arrived as a Junior, I knew a little about camp because of my brother but I was amazed at how close the community was. I was nervous at first but I met somebody just like me. After the first day, I was too excited to go to bed. I tried tons of different activities and all the counselors were fun and encouraging.

Grif Wilson enjoying a period of tennis!
I spent two year as a Junior and then moved on up to a Middler. It was almost as if the new, exciting things were just refreshed. There were new cool counselors, cabins and trips. I went on the Squam Lake trip and there was a massive thunderstorm. Me, Ethan and Charlie were all stuck in a tent with rain pouring all around us. Suprisingly, it was one of the best times I had on a trip. We stayed up until about 1am just talking and fooling around.

As I became a Senior, I was close with the kids all the way back from Junior year. The counselors were more relaxed and you were independent. We had a dance with the girls of Fleur De Lis. I went on the Androscoggin River trip and ended up tipping the canoe but it was still very fun. Being a Senior also allowed me to try out skeet. Overall, my experience was a great one.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

In the Words of 2019 LIT, Anthony Stigliano: New Activities

Anthony helping WLC celebrate
Camp Kindness Day
I have attended William Lawrence camp for 6 years and have experienced all the activities it has to offer. Going from a suburban neighborhood to camp opened many doors to opportunities I would've never had back home.
            Two of these activities are riflery and archery, some very different sports compared to the norm. They require intense focus and patience in order to get the right shot. They take a lot of practice but are very rewarding and build discipline. On the other hand, ping pong is a fast paced activity which relies on ones reflexes and technique to propel them to victory. Once one picks up a paddle, it is very hard to put down. Almost every camper lines up outside the ping pong tables before meals at the dining hall just to get a chance to play. My personal favorite is challenge course. Everyone attempted to climb a tree as a kid, but usually didn't get very far. At challenge course, you can put these past thoughts to rest with the climbing tower and high ropes courses. At the tower, there are many routes to ascend, all varying in obstacles and difficulty. The high ropes courses also portray may different challenges, and require using ones balance in order to stay high among the trees. Water skiing and sailing are extremely fun, especially if you have never done water sports before. It is exhilarating for the boat to whip you around the lake as you water ski, although it is very challenging at first. However, it is one of the most rewarding activities at camp. Sailing is also hard at first, but is great fun and can be very relaxing or exciting depending on how you approach it.
William Lawrence has many activities that aren't available in our day to day lives, and keeps many. like myself, returning to camp for years.